Tuesday, February 9, 2016

bubble and fizz -- a February quilt

It turned cold again here, so that means more time inside and more time sewing. My daughter has been anxious for me to finish her quilt (at least when she remembered I was working on it) and now it is done.

This mermaid print was the fabric that started all of this, purchased last summer while we were visiting a few fabric stores hoping to find more colors of perle cotton. I ended up with a mix of fabrics from my stash including the turquoise Sodalicious print, some Heather Ross strawberries, and some bubbly orange-red prints that make me think of strawberry pop. And with the air bubbles from the mermaids--"bubble and fizz" it is.

Since it was for my daughter, I knew she would want flannel on the back. She loves soft things.

And she loves her new quilt.

Pattern- Shortcake by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew  in throw size
Fabrics- assorted prints from my stash
Backing- turquoise polka dot flannel from Joann
Binding-teal solid and mermaid print from Joann

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Inspired -- January quilt 2

One of my plans for the next few months is to do more scrap quilts. I made a lot of quilts last year and that means a lot of scraps. All of the bags and bins are stuffed full. For this first scrap quilt, I went with a quarter log cabin block. I started with some of my favorite colors (which means the fullest scrap bins).

These colors ended up the same as some of the "inspired" colors I chose for a Color Intensive class project, so I used that grouping to guide some of the other colors I used.

The color scheme moves from the deeper colors at the base into the loftier lighter colors at the top, which is much how I feel as I am thinking through a problem or design. Deep in thought until I gradually start making headway, get inspiration, with all of it's energy, relief, joy, and clarity. Apparently that must be like a sunny spring day much like today, based on the colors I chose!

I knew I shouldn't make a backing out of a lot more scraps or I would have trouble quilting with all the seams. I wanted something more graphic looking (as opposed to a floral) and found this rainbow dot at Joann. Just like my quilt top, it omitted the red. The quilt is 48" square, at least before I washed it, so I did have to piece a bit, using the strip I cut off from the bottom of 2 yards vertically and off center. And yes, a picture of that would've been good.

As I was quilting it, I thought about a possible recipient who has a birthday soon but then remembered it is baby quilt sized. It would cover the lap of a grown-up and not the feet. It looked larger as I was making the blocks, something I've noticed before since I have a small sewing room and layout boards. Maybe this will inspire me to rearrange the room to get those layout boards more space!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

playing with color

At the beginning of the year, I decided I would try doing a kind of topical Bible study on each of the fruits of the spirit, studying maybe one a month. As I went along I would also try to create a quilt for each one. This month was love. I also signed up for an online class called Color Intensive led by Rachel of Stitched in Color. She has amazing color use in her quilts, so I wanted to learn her outlook. One of our assignments this week was to pick an emotion or adjective and translate it into colors. So of course the first one I tried was love. It is warmth and intensity and depth. I'm not thinking of the pink fluffy kinda love--but the true fierce steadfast love of God, the same kind of love we are to show to others.
 Then it was time to apply to fabric (using what I had on the shelf):
I discovered I don't have much purple fabric. This is not enough for a quilt, unless it is a tiny one and even then it is always better to have a bit more variety. I probably wouldn't include the rectangle print, and might pull in more that coordinate with the other red print (which happens to be called "loves me loves me not").

Another word I tried was inspired (it was fun so I kept going):

I noticed that these colors were most of the colors of the scrap quilt pinned up on my design boards.
I had started to use navy blue next but after looking at the color choices from "inspired," I went with blue scraps. I finished up the blocks today so I may have it finished next week, if not the whole thing at least the top. Then I will have to give more thought to this love quilt and what it should look like. All of this color play and thinking is such a good "therapy" for me, helping my brain think about something other than the sometimes hard and heavy issues of a work week. It's always good to feel a bit more inspired!

Friday, January 15, 2016

racing the sun

I was so close to finishing this next quilt and pushed to finish today. I wanted to post on the Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finishes, and I actually know who I am giving this quilt to, AND another winter thing is moving in to mess up my photo opportunities. With daylight fading I got the binding on and could take the photos. YEA!

It's definitely a little shady.
As I started working with the fabric, I noticed a Hawaiian influence, like bits of Hawaiian shirts. It's always interesting how the fabric shifts as you see big pieces versus smaller squares or scraps. I also did not really like the browns so much but could see how they kept the whole collection from being too "sherbert"-y.

The stats:
     Main fabric: 2 charm packs of Heather Bailey's Clementine
     Background fabric: Kona, Snow
     Pattern: Magic Diamonds off of the pack of cards from Missouri Star Quilt Company
     Binding: Clementine, Primrose in Jade
     Backing: flannel, pink polka dot from Joann

Saturday, January 9, 2016

the last day of winter break

This year the kids were out an extra day, I think because of how New Years fell. I was rested up from the holiday break so I had the energy to think of some fun things to do that day, before we went back to our school and work routine.

We started with a doughnut breakfast. We definitely do not get those much but it seemed like a great day for one.
Then we headed to Science Museum Oklahoma. We spent most of our time in the new area, Curiocity.

At this point I had to find a chair. The kids started building these little cars. We were there for about 40 minutes, according to the time on my camera.

I wandered around in the area and found the water area. I knew that would get them to move on!

I also found a community quilt that had been created in this area. Would have been great to work on that while they were doing the cars!

We wandered around a bit more and then I finally dragged them out so we could go eat a late lunch.
made in the tinkering garage

they always want to knock down the towers!
We decided to go to Jo's Pizza, so that my daughter could play with some dough while we waited. And we all love pizza.

It was a fun day--a hit with both kids and I got to see my kids just play and build and be creative. A win all around (except for maybe dad who got to go to work instead)!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Starbright, the first quilt of 2016

It is finished. It took at least 4 bowl games plus Stars Wars episodes 4-6 plus other sitting time that I can't even remember to do the hand quilting on it. It takes a lot of sitting for hand quilting.

The quilt began with a set of fabric I had to buy last February at Quiltcon, various pieces of French Bull's Mosaica collection. When I was finally ready to actually cut it (sometimes it takes awhile), I wanted a large scale design that would highlight the fabric.

I think at around that point I was digging through lots of books, and Kathy Doughty wrote a blog post about using large scale fabrics. I ended up using her Kismet pattern out of Material Obsession 2. Because of the large pieces, it went to together quickly. I left off the last border because the design and the fabric didn't need it. She is a huge champion of hand quilting so I tried it. It is definitely not something I will include on every quilt but it seemed a great choice for this quilt.

The backing was a mix of some larger fabric I had on hand (as was all of the fabric in the quilt). The quilting shows up best on the yellow gingham end, but I loved having an opportunity to use the Simplicity text fabric too.

So glad to have this one finished. It is one of my favorites!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Favorites of 2015

I've noticed on instagram lately a number of posts highlighted their best 9 of 2015. I could not pick the best nine of my pics. Some "bests" never made it to instagram, but of those that did, well, I just can't pick. However, I can pick my favorite 9 quilts. According to my count I finished 28 in 2015, which was a little ahead of my goal to finish 2 per month. There were a few smaller baby quilts that always go together faster, but those were balanced by a few bed-sized quilts--and one king size!

1. Christmas Stars
2. Cotton Candy
3. Flowers for mom (a gift/commisioned)
4. Ups and downs (a gift)
5. Everything nice (a gift)
6. wonky stars (a gift)
7. different season (a gift)
8. Little boy blue (a gift)
9. Summer flowers

Looking forward to this new year and what I can create next!