Friday, October 2, 2015

the week

Well, I didn't post a picture one this whole week and now it is almost the weekend. So before I overload on a back log of pictures here are a few from last weekend and yesterday.

Before soccer I took Grace to Touch-a-Truck. She climbed on the trolley and then that was really enough.

So we headed over to Isaac's game. They won 7-5.

I left that game at half time and walked over to Grace's field.

They played had but lost by one goal right at the end. Then it was time to go home for a birthday cookout.
Birthday boy 1

 Birthday boy 2

My son's marvelous creation of birthday cake, ice cream, and whipped cream. I tried to take a picture of the cake and candle blowout, but I missed it. He was taller than I expected!

Sunday afternoon we watched a bit more soccer. They won this one 14-0, which meant that Isaac got to play midfield rather than just defender and got to score three goals. 

 My camera lesson of this week was trying to take a picture of the lunar eclipse. In the dark.

Thursday was a surprise cross country meet after school. It was a small dual with the other junior highs in town.

He finished 5th and beat his previous race time. He has one more race on Tuesday and then that season is finished.
After his race Grace and I spent some girl time at her school's math night.

She liked the garden measuring station and figuring out the pattern blocks the best.

That brings us today, where we all take a deep breath and get ready for another weekend--a birthday weekend with more soccer and all sorts of craziness.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Online inspiration

Lately a few of my smaller projects have been inspired by ones I've seen online. I saw a post on Crazy Mom Quilts about a dish towel she made. That same weekend I cleaned out my project scrap bin and found a strip of fabric I had cut off of my stripes quilt. I also remembered I had a dish towel from the last time I had made a few and boom! an instant project done.

That website was also the inspiration for finishing up the pillow project I had set aside for a month or three. When I finished my wonky stars quilt, I had two pink stars leftover. I knew I wanted to make pillows with them, but when I made the first one, it was a bit small. So when Crazy Mom Quilts posted her pillow project last week, I realized what to do. Add more fabric around the edge. Duh! Now it is a pillow (and again, I already had the pillow insert waiting).

And then last week Rachel on Stitched in Color issued a challenge to quilt along with her through the book Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters. I have the book too but I just keep looking at. It doesn't make much sense just looking at it though since it is all about improv and playing along. It seems to be the thing you just have to start doing. So I did.
I made this:

I didn't like it so much. The colors were just too jangly together, especially the pink in such large pieces with the other two fabrics. Next time I will be more thoughtful with my fabric choices. I felt like I would like it better if there was some lighter colors to break it up, so I cut the large piece up into smaller squares and made this:
It was a bit better. Not my most favorite quilt in the world, but it's definitely an interesting little baby quilt. Because it is so small, I went ahead and finished it up.

Now I have another baby quilt ready for give away someday!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

a bit of Friday and Saturday

A cross country race . . .

And then on the the fair grounds for Disney Frozen on Ice with my daughter  . . .

Up the next morning for game day parking at home and at church, a soccer game for my daughter (I had to miss), and a bit of a break while listening to the game--enough to finish up this pillow . . .

I didn't even get to finish turning out the corners before we jumped in the car. The pillow got to watch the game (my son is the defender in the back, not the one with the ball) . . .

That pillow didn't cheer quite loud enough. After a big dinner we all went to bed early, waking up this morning to the sound of a down pour. And that was the answer to my daughter's bedtime prayers--her afternoon soccer game was cancelled. Thankful for one thing we could mark off of the Sunday list!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Leaves -- a September quilt

I did it. I forced myself to finish one more of those "stuffed away in a bin forever" quilts. I really wanted this one done because fall is approaching quickly and this has all of those golds and reds and browns that really only work this time of year. Especially on a tree.

I used the Mosaic Tiles pattern out of the Modern Bee book. At least that's what I started with back when I started piecing it. When it was time to lay out the individual blocks, I couldn't find the book on the shelf at the library again and tried to figure it out by looking at the various ones online. Not sure that the one I copied was the same as the original but it's close. 

Over Labor Day weekend I found a flannel at JoAnn (on sale) that just needed to be on the back. It kinda looks like a grandma couch but also just seemed to work with the colors and the vibe of the rest of the quilt.

I have one more quilt left on my list of goals for the 3rd quarter, but that one may carry over to the next group. I have another one ready to quilt, probably by hand, and would rather just take my time with it. I have added the Fall Leaves quilt to my Etsy shop--and it's on sale!! From now until November 1, all purchases over $150 can use the coupon code 20FALL2015 for 20% off. I have a growing pile of large quilts that need to move off of my shelf and onto someone's lap!

Friday, September 11, 2015

a long weekend

While my son was away helping his team win a soccer tourney (go Sharks!), I had a weekend at home alone. Well, alone until a bunch of people showed up in the neighborhood to watch OU play Akron.

My wild and crazy weekend:

went to the library and JoAnn Friday morning and the bookstore / Friday night out with Crystal
found some quilty inspiration in a library book  

parked cars in my yard

Since the football game wasn't televised I listened to it on the radio in my sewing room, where I could also hear the crowd in the stadium, once the Sooners started playing better in the second half. I sewed for the whole game.

I think I have a few more blocks finished since I took this. My goal is to finish this top this weekend.

On Sunday afternoon I tried to take a nap but was afraid I would oversleep, and my son's team was playing in the finals. With all that nervous energy I started a new quilt top. It was good to sew something completely different than the little bits into blocks. I wanted to use large pieces of that central fabric and finally settled on the Kismet pattern in Material Obsession 2.
The pic is a bit blurry but you get the idea. If had all of the fabric I needed I would have finished it. I'm hoping the extra piece I needed will get here today.

Mid afternoon I got this pic:

My family came home that evening and we spent the next day resting. So thankful we had Monday off together!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Pink and Green Trellis--one more August quilt

It was a busy family birthday weekend but I FINALLY finished this trellis quilt. I have no idea how long I've been working on it, probably around a year. It has been in a box for most of that time. It had a lot of steps for each block so I needed to work on it a bit at a time.

It's a bit shady here but I discovered as I tried to take pictures that I had no where else to get a picture at the house. The pattern is called "Trellis Crossroads" and is from the book Modern Bee. As I think I mentioned before, this is an excellent example of why there are quilting bees (besides the social part). A few people can each make four blocks or so and get an awesome quilt. Doing it on my own was a bit more daunting.

One more quilt tackled on my 3rd quarter finish along goals! I have two more on the list that should get done, unless I get distracted by some new ones I've been planning.

One picture from the birthday lunch. He's sitting next to the birthday boy/guy but since he actually let me take the pic, it needed to be posted, glasses glare and all.