Friday, November 27, 2015

almost there

After working steady for a few minutes every day this week (and a LOT on Wednesday), I finished the Christmas scrap quilt top. I finished it up mid morning Thursday, before family time and before the rain moved in. My inspiration was this quilt on A Quilt is Nice blog. I love her quilts. This was all scraps from my previous two Christmas quilts, with a few red scraps mixed in. It was time to break the "pink and green" streak of quilts.

I LOVE finishing up a top because it is off the design wall and I can clean up a bit. I even got my daughter to vacuum! Sewing makes a lot of lint and mess.

I have the backing and the binding ready to go, so it should get completely finished soon (unless we have a major ice storm and lose power of course). Stay warm and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2015


Last weekend I started feeling a bit better and was ready to sew some more. But I wanted something I could finish, not more pieces of my Christmas scrap quilt. I didn't want something overwhelming. I had the partial roll of 2.5 inch strips that I bought at Silver Dollar City, so I started looking for pattern ideas. Pattern ideas that did not require me to add in white (which I do not have on hand). After looking around a bit, I decided to use the Jelly Roll Jam by Fat Quarter Shop. I added a few more strips of fabric to have the full amount needed, and had the two baby size quilt tops done that weekend.
Thursday I quilted one and I finished the other one today.

Both are backed with flannel. One has a scrappy binding of some of the leftover strips, and the other has a flannel binding.

It feels good to finally have some finishes (another one for my 4th qtr finish along)--and it inspired me to start piecing together more squares for the Christmas quilt.

I've finished a bit more since this picture--yea! Maybe it will get done before Christmas after all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

fall gardening

I hadn't had a chance to check our garden since the rain last week, since I have been sick since then. Yesterday my daughter and I headed out there and surprise! It is STILL growing and looks awesome.
I had decided to plant a fall garden after seeing how well plants were growing at the garden at my daughter's school, and after seeing how much she liked taking care of it. It has been eye-opening. Plants sprouted immediately, unlike in the colder soil of spring. Weeds are less (mainly because both kids like to hoe) and the plants seem less stressed without all the heat. And don't need daily watering. The only drawback is the limitations on what you can plant, but had I started a week or two earlier I could have added a few other things like egg plant.

 This end is the pak choi, swiss chard, and kale.

And this blurry picture is of lettuce and radishes. The middle section is a few straggling trumpet vine shoots that I just didn't have the energy to clear at the time (nor did I need the space).
My son's hoeing method is apparently more of an attack on the earth, bringing the hoe and whacking the ground with it. He was quite sore last time. I don't really think that much action was needed, but he feels like he has kept the weeds away forever now and arguing with him would be pointless. Thirteen years old is special.

No she does not eat radishes. She uses them to make our salads (which she also doesn't eat--yet).
Thankful for a bounty of fresh greens in the garden still, that even the roses are still blooming, and that I am feeling better. I may even have the energy to sew a bit today. That was my first clue that something was really wrong with my body--I didn't even have the energy to want to sit in a chair and sew. It was all downhill from there. All is better now, not completely well at all, but better.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Once upon a time not too long ago it was Halloween. And I took pictures! It kind of spanned two weekends, first with a birthday party full of yummy treats and pumpkin decorating.

Then soccer (which has nothing to do with Halloween I know, unless soccer is scary for you).

Then a block party at my church.
Artemis and Athena.

Then a class party, because even Athena needs to go to school.
Then more soccer.

 And of course the hour we were all waiting for--candy time.

Brother and dad went out walking too but prefer to remain anonymous. She shared her 5 lb. sack of candy loot with all of us.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October quilt #2 - for a baby

With no soccer games or home OU football games this weekend, I chose to spend a bit of time working on this little baby quilt. Mostly I worked on cleaning my sewing room, but finishing this up meant it was "cleaned up" and I could use it's bin for something else.

Just a basic patchwork for one of the baby gift baskets at our church:

The backing is a favorite flannel that I've been saving for awhile. The colors coordinated with the quilt top, so it was time to put it to use.

A second finish for my 4Q Finish-Along list.
The sewing room didn't stay clean for long. I thought about working on a scrap quilt next, and was thinking something red and green striped for Christmas. I dumped out the red scraps on my desk. And then I remembered I still have a bin of Christmas scraps from this quilt and this quilt. And that I wanted to make this quilt from A Quilt Is Nice blog:

And now there are piles everywhere.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


kale growing in our first fall garden

and radishes
eggplant in the fall garden at my daughter's school
 my favorite pumpkin pie custard

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October quilt #1 -- ups and downs

A fun quilt using many of the gray and pink fabrics that I dragged home from Quiltcon. It ended up with a really soft feel, not quite "low volume" but not as bold as some of my other quilts. The pattern is called Mountaintop and was in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Quilty magazine.

I did not want to piece together a hodge podge of fabric for the back, especially with so many seams on the front. I was able to find a gray and white zig zag that worked perfectly AND was on sale.

This is my first finish of my 4Q Finish-along list and I'm really happy with it, something I can't always say when I finish one.