Thursday, April 23, 2015

since the zoo

Since I went to the zoo, I attended six soccer games. Well, seven now. I just got back from one. That is a lot of outdoor time, and the weather was gorgeous for most of it.

I also went on a staff retreat. It was a mix of meetings and alone time and eating and a bit of craziness to liven it up. I liked being outside there too.

I also drew and painted. I have been inspired by a Creativebug class by Heather Ross called Drawing and Illustration Basics. It helps having other ideas of what to draw, with reminders to look at all the bits all around us. The blank white page is SO intimidating.

at Thursday night soccer practice

the sunset at the Friday night soccer game (finished at the retreat)

also from the retreat
I thought a while about taking some quilt things with me for our quiet time, but realized that although it is something I do for down time for me, that sewing machine is NOT quiet. So it stayed home to rest. It will get to work for me soon enough.

I also read The Dovekeepers (mostly at the retreat). I listened to this podcast called Disciples Disciple by Jen Hatmaker, although I had to break it up in bits because I was no longer at the retreat and did not have the three hours of alone time. I may try to listen again tomorrow, if the little "to-do" list I am making in my head doesn't grow too large to allow that.

Looking forward to the weekend and many more opportunities to sit outside (i.e. one more soccer tournament) and enjoy the sun and all that it is helping grow. I love the green of spring. Even if it does make me sneeze.

Friday, April 17, 2015

first zoo trip of the year

Thursday I met a bunch of 1st graders at the zoo and got to spend a wonderful spring day in the sunshine with three giggly buddies.

One of my favorite changes at the zoo was at the Island Life exhibit. They have taken down the giant wooden fence, so we can now see the flamingos up close.

The girls slowed down after lunch. We spent a while at the ape exhibit, watching the baby.
the newest gorilla, born March 24
They LOVED posing on all of the statues. Unfortunately by this time of day the metal was getting pretty hot. This part was in the shade though.

So thankful for the chance to go on the trip with my daughter, a speedy recovery from her stomach bug the day before, and rain clouds that decided to go elsewhere. And those awesome peacock feathers--amazing.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

sports crazy

First there was baseball.

 Yes, we were really that close.

He looks a little like he is praying before he dives into that banana split. Apparently baseball makes us hungry.

Next was cold, rainy morning soccer.

and a little art time.

Then some football. It was sunny and almost hot by then.

And then MORE soccer.

If your soccer ball looks like that,
you can make a hat like this:

So thankful for the sun shiny day most of this all outdoors day, and praying for more of the same tomorrow!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


My husband just told me we are having more tornado craziness this week, so before all that starts up again, here are a few glimpses of my Easter this year.

On Friday I joined some of my church members for our traditional Good Friday Secret Church, in honor of the disciples and those now around the world who must meet together to worship in secrecy.
I spent my time mostly on flame/hair patrol, making sure those kids didn't lean a bit to close to those fascinating candles.

They were reading the song lyrics in this picture, and singing along.

Saturday was the Harrell family Easter celebration at my house for the first time ever.

We had awesome weather, which is what I had prayed for most because kids need to play outside. Two of them weren't able to attend but they are all big enough that they need more room to roam.We also hunted eggs in the lot across the street (thank you OU!).

That grownup taking off with the kids was a sub for one of the kids who couldn't be there.

We also walked over to the duck pond to share a little stale bread and terrorize a few geese.

We woke up to the sound of rain--and Easter eggs covering our yard and porch. And I didn't do it! Some sweet somebody egged our yard and even put candy in some of those eggs to share the surprise and joy of Easter--a resurrected Christ--with us.

At church Grace got to sing again this Sunday with her choir buddies. 

It was a fun week with family and friends--and now I am grateful for some quiet time at home this week. Without tornadoes if possible.