Friday, July 24, 2015

In Watonga

A few people from my church gathered this week in Watonga to assist the First Indian Baptist Church there host a soccer and art camp. My son jumped at the chance to help lead the soccer camp, while my daughter and I volunteered to help a couple of days with art camp. One thing led to another and we ended being there nearly all week. As an added bonus, both of my kids got some soccer practice while helping with the camp. My daughter did not "lead" like my son did, but when she got there and started participating, several other girls joined in.

Brittany Harris of Simply Art led the art camp for the kids on Tuesday and Thursday.

We spent a lot of time hanging out with the kids on Tuesday and Thursdays, the days we had both camps.
Of course, I spent a lot of time like this:

 --behind the wheel of the van picking up the kids, taking them home, taking them to the Whirlwind mission for lunch, the art camp, and of course, the bathroom breaks.

Our youth worked hard at the camps, teaching and making sure everyone there felt like they were a part of the group. And when the camps were over, we checked out Roman Nose State Park (on a day when most activities were closed), local eateries, and even a free bluegrass concert. With all of the rain we have had in our state this year, the fields and park lands were gorgeous. I even got to witness some amazing synchronized swimming and a tough lip syncing/singing/dancing competition.

Town Mountain

I stopped by a local antique shop while on a break and brought home this quilt top to finish up:
 And there were frogs. All were released before we left.

We all had a great time--and are glad to be back in our own beds for the night! I am so thankful for the kind hearts of the youth who played with my daughter and endured a bit of pestering, the coordination of our CBF and FBC leader, as well as the hospitality of  Whirlwind Mission, our host site, and the First Indian Baptist Church. Looking forward to seeing how this partnership grows!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

a bonus quilt

After I made the Spring Bouquet quilt a couple of months ago, I had a lot of leftover cut pieces. I wasn't sure if I had just gone a little crazy doing the cutting or if the book pattern had me cut extra to help as we laid out the blocks. I tossed them in the scrap bin, waiting to figure out what to do with them. The recepient of that quilt told me she was having trouble getting her quilt away from her daughter, so I took a look at what I had left. It was enough for this:

The diagonal strips are a bit crazy looking in the photo but it works.

I used more leftovers for the binding and even the flannel backing. I love putting all those to good use instead of in a bin on my shelf!

And now a bit a of a break from quilt finishes with a couple of full weeks and weekends coming up. I am making progress on one but know it will get finished up next month, not this one, especially since I don't think I even have backing fabric for it yet.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

on the road: Pauls Valley

We took a couple of weeks off from our Friday field trips, but finally hit the road again today. The kids and I headed to Pauls Valley, a small town about 45 minutes south of us. One set of my grandparents lived here so I wanted to show my kids their house, plus visit some local attractions that sounded fun. They also still have a lot of the original brick streets.

We started at the Toy and Action Figure Museum.

a picture to look at in the future when I feel like my kids' rooms are getting out of control

exhibit of Oklahoma cartoonists
After touring through, I took the kids on a short drive up the hill to see where Papa and Grandma used to live. I wanted to peek in the backyard and see if it was really as big as I remembered but just stayed in the car. We then headed to Wacker Park. They had a lot of rain in town yesterday so there was a lot of mud and large puddles everywhere--and mosquitoes. This little slide was at the park when I was a kid. Always burning hot too.

a bit of the Rotary Rose garden, which has suffered some from all the rain (roses are planted along the fence)

We ate our picnic lunch in the pavilion to avoid the mud. It was still early for the last stop on the trip so I thought a bit and remembered the depot.

this was an OLD playpen, with a cover on top to keep the bugs off of the kids

always find a quilt

And of course my kids found some critters under the train.

We paid actual money to go to the Toy and Action Figure Museum and were there MAYBE thirty minutes. The museum inside the depot was free and my kids wandered around in there for an hour, looking at all the exhibits, photographs, and old timey stuff. The historian working there was great with the kids and made it all so interesting, despite the fact that none of us were from Pauls Valley.

It was time to head back to Wacker Park to the Water Park. This was not here when I was a kid or we would have spent even more time at the park. My daughter loved it. My son did not get in. He was expecting a bigger park I think, and much of the attractions there were geared toward younger kids except for the giant slides. I also think he was a bit worn out from a morning workout.

We ended the field trip with a trip to the Fields Pie factory. They cannot give tours anymore but they do have a thrift shop where you can pick up a pie that had a broken crust or whatever. I don't mind broken crust! I remember my grandpa picking these up all the time too. It smelled wonderful outside that factory!


If you live in the area and haven't been in a while, try a day trip to Pauls Valley. And even better, if you aren't as worn out as I was (and bring some cash), stop by Stratford on the way home for some fresh peaches. Their Peach Festival is next weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2015

July quilt 2: Flowers for mom

Earlier this summer my mom gave me a stack of embroidered flower blocks that she had from her mom. After I finished up a few quilts I dug them out and started cutting them apart (they were in sets of four). I started pinning them up on my design board, trying to figure out how to use them. I already had most of a fat quarter of Emmy Grace fabric pinned up there, planning to use them in this Swing Dance pattern:

As I started looking through books and magazines for inspiration, well, to keep everyone reading this from boredom, I ended up using that fat quarter set of fabric, plus a few more floral prints. Inspired by this quilt by Kathy Doughty

 I ended up with this design:
I wanted them on point like in the inspiration quilt but many of the embroidered panels just didn't work that way.
This week I finished it and I really love it! It is a little big, so my son had a bit of trouble holding it.

And a few close ups: 

Most of the backing is a DQ Quilts fabric I found half off of clearance. I like half off of clearance.

My son was very glad to give up the quilt holding job to this conveniently located monument, and I love that I was able to bring new life to needlework from my grandmother (and that it didn't fall apart in the wash).