Monday, July 28, 2014

mini eye

My kids are away for a few days with grandma and grandpa. So what am I doing with all this free time? We did watch a movie at home and didn't have to wait until the kids went to bed. I cleaned the guest room and bath--and it's still clean. I went to work some. I helped a friend as he cleaned out a storage building, taking an old globe and map off of his hands. Other than that, today was kind of rough there, so I am now flipping back and forth between Junk Gypsies (just found because I never watch tv) and Friends which I can't watch when kids are home. I know, I'm really living it up here.

And, of course, I finished one of those quilts piled up in my room.

It's 20 inches square and is Jeni Baker's mini warm cool value quilt. All made out of my scraps. I think it kinda looks like those God's Eye stick and yarn things I used to get to make all the time when I was a kid. It's is now hanging up in my office. I've about run out of walls for quilts in there!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Laney's quilt

This quilt began with a picture and a request. Make a quilt (well, really two for a set of bunkbeds) and use the colors in this sign from PB Teen:
I looked in my books and a few magazines and had almost settled on a pattern and then I saw the quilt on the cover of the Spring / Summer Quilt Sampler magazine. And it would work perfectly with the Wee Wander fabrics I had been eyeing.

The backing is from the same collection. The pattern in the magazine called for 16 fabrics in each color. I decided to do 8 (in double the amount). That made it a little more complicated when piecing together the log cabins, since I didn't want to repeat fabrics, but it worked out for the most part. So in each color about 4 of the fabrics are from Wee Wander, and the rest were others I already had (the pinks) or were some that I found at other shops. Since I was buying for two quilts, this was really a lot of fabric.

This is what it looks like on a bed, although not it's real bed.

and this is my son's glamour shot as he was keeping the quilt from plunging to the ground:

The quilt has made it to it's new home. I still have a twin size version to make, but as usual when I get done I need to clean up the sewing room and quite a bit of my house that I neglected while I was sewing away. And I have a wee little quilt or two to finish up. It's nice to work on something small after the big ones!

On Friday this post will link up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish Up Friday, and for those extra eyes (all quilters) I have a question: How do you balance how many quilts you keep versus what gets given away or sold? Do you have rules? Do you try to keep all your favorites?  Other artists feel free to chime in. I'm sure it's a question painters and other artists struggle with too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

artist at work

I always find forgotten pictures when I upload some from my camera. These are some from a week ago.

She had help with the unicorn.
So glad they invented these window markers!

Friday, July 18, 2014

one step closer

My goal for the current quilt is to be FINISHED by the end of next week, and for that to happen, I needed to finish the blocks and get the top sewn together this week.

I have the blocks done and hope to sew those rows together tonight and tomorrow.

We have had VBS every evening this week, which meant for me helping lots of kids make sand pendants. Like this kid of mine, who made at least four of them.

I also saw an awesome sale this week on photobooks so spent a lot of time going through my trip pictures and laying out the album. I still think I was going to do one more post about that trip, but really can't remember what about and it was a MONTH ago. Plus, I have some quilting to do! Look for a quilt finish next week.

Friday, July 11, 2014

a mini quilt and bits of more

I finished the stack of pink blocks for the next quilt and have started cutting the fabric for the coral set. This set went a bit more smoothly as I worked out how to move through the fabric, basically doing all the blocks at one time so I can even out how I use the fabrics. Much less ripping apart this time!

After I finished up the blue set and was cleaning up a bit, I found some quilt blocks leftover from the Blue Lagoon quilt. It seemed like I could easily make a little quilt with these--so I did!

It is 20" square, so it could be used as a doll quilt or a mini quilt wallhanging. Or whatever. I've added it to the Etsy site. It was good to have a finish--working in a little one in the middle of this larger log cabin quilt.

I also added the Nicey Jane flower garden quilt to Etsy. Several of the older quilts are still on sale through the end of the month so take a look and start Christmas shopping now!

Several quilting blogs and magazine have focused on using up scraps lately, so while I was doing that clean up I also pulled out a bit more. I found some to do a mini value quilt.

The bottom part is just laid out. The top two rows have been sewn, so that will be the finished width. I think it is supposed to be 20" square also. I haven't decided if I will hang it in my office, my house, or list it. Since I'm working on it in bits as I work on the other blocks, I will have PLENTY of time to decide.

AND I pulled some fabrics that are not usually colors I naturally use. Some were gifts and some were one ones I found at one point for other quilts.

The picture is a bit off.
Anyway, I chopped them up into 5" squares and will eventually put them in a quilt, alternating these fabrics with cream solid squares. Eventually. Those are fall colors and I'm thinking it will be fall by then. I think it will be quite lovely. I hope.

That was definitely enough quilt work for one week. I'll try to stay focused on the log cabin now or I'll drive myself crazy!

Monday, July 7, 2014

mom birthdays

The past two weekends we got to spend time with our extended family celebrating the birthdays of my mother-in-law and mom.

The weather was cool for my mother-in-law's birthday, so in between World Cup matches, we spent some art time outside.

Baron just sniffed around. Maybe we should have put paint on his nose like they do with some of the animals at the zoo--and don't tell my children I said that or they will try it!

The next weekend, my mom asked for a 4th of July cookout. We also watched World Cup matches that day, and this:
I couldn't really watch it. That whole dunking the hot dogs in water and the grimaces on their faces was a bit much. 
I didn't eat a hot dog at our cookout either.

birthday cake and homemade ice cream

resting a full belly

At least he has moved past the "hide your face" mode and just makes funny faces.

We have about one more month, and then two more birthdays, my dad and my daughter. They kinda get to share, so it looks like my dad might get a birthday party at Skate Land!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

the June finish-- {the quilt I still haven't named}

I finished it last night!

It used two charm packs of the Nicey Jane, plus a bit extra of one of those fabrics to have enough of the 2 1/2" squares. The white is Kona White, and the scrappy binding using some from the backing and a fat quarter of Lottie Dot from Lottie Da (also from Heather Bailey).

I quilted it by stitching it a quarter inch on each side of the seams of the blocks.

The back is: Church Flowers (Heather Bailey), a basic pink polka dot, another print from the Nicey Jane, an Amy Butler Tumble Rose piece, and then that last white one. It used to be a large pillowcase, I think from Goodwill. 

I will likely end up adding this to the etsy shop, so speak up if you are interested in it.

Now I'm off to enjoy summer and a day off. It should involve eating some of these, and any other fresh from the garden veggies I can find. I LOVE summer fruits and veggies. We had some fresh corn my brought over with dinner--yes, I missed a lot of pictures with the shucking and all. Freezer bags full of corn just wouldn't be the best. But here's these: